About Us

We do more than insurance placements, we bring value added services to the insurance transaction. We do this by offering great benefits to your clients through our sister company, the American Association of Owner Operators (AAOO).

AAOO is a nationwide association created to benefit professional owner operators, leased operators, and small fleet owners.

It is the mission of AAOO to give members the highest quality benefits so that they are able to successfully thrive in today’s trucking industry.

Clients that agents place through Guardian are automatically enrolled as members of AAOO. Members have access to all AAOO benefits which are either free or heavily discounted. You can check out all the benefits here.

By combining Guardian’s top rated markets and the products and services offered by AAOO, your agency will have the edge it needs to elevate above the competition and to offer your clients what they need to maximize their bottom line.

Guardian…A unique solution for your trucking clients.