American Association of Owner Operators – AAOO

Who is AAOO?

Our sister company, the American Association of Owner Operators is a nationwide association created to benefit professional owner operators, leased operators, and small fleet owners. It is the mission of AAOO to give members the highest quality benefits so that they are able to successfully thrive in today’s trucking industry.

To put it simply, we are providing tools and resources to help truck drivers be successful. Members have access to all AAOO benefits which are either free or heavily discounted. If you can use any one of these benefits, your membership will more than pay for itself.  You can check out all the benefits here.

How to Use AAOO to Attract More Insureds & Keep Them Longer

The AAOO membership is designed to help owner operators and small fleets be successful. Owner operators with an AAOO membership are more likely to stay in business, make more money than their peers, and increase their fleet size. This means more long-lasting business for you.

AAOO should be used as a selling point by Guardian agents as every Guardian policy includes an AAOO membership. With AAOO as part of the Guardian offering, you can offer something to potential insureds that can help them increase their bottom line.

This is an added benefit that drivers won’t find anywhere else. Once you have helped them with their business by providing them a membership to AAOO, they will thank you with their loyal and continued service through you.

Differentiate your agency from your competition!

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We highly encourage all our Guardian agents to schedule a 30 minute call with Kyle. Kyle will go over the association and will teach you how to use AAOO to your advantage.